About Us

Cellar Craft is a small manufacturing and wholesale business focusing primarily on export. We strive, not only to offer our clients exceptional quality and personalized service, but seek to forge longstanding relationships with all of our customers and to dismiss the anxiety associated with importing.

Having had many years of first hand experience and insight into conducting business in more challenging parts of the world we decided to restrict ourselves to a limited, but appropriate range of products that are well suited, although by no means restricted to those markets.

Since our inception in 2006 we have honed our experiences, trials and tribulations into a formula that has proven itself time and time again, a compact and streamlined First World package that caters for and is sympathetic to Third World needs.

What We Offer

Consistently Good Quality.

Strict controls are exercised during the entire process of your order. From the selection of raw materials through to loading your container.

Special care is taken to individually package all components to avoid scratching and damage during transit.

  • Consistency & Quality

    Strict control over the entire process.

Real Flat-Pack Systems.

Flat-pack coffins and caskets that are attractive, strong and well designed - each component is pre-drilled and ready to be easily put together without special tools or skills in a matter of minutes.

  • Flat-Pack Coffins

    Attractive, strong and well designed!

Personal Service

You are our investment and we see it as an integral aspect of our business to facilitate you in which ever way possible to achieve success with your venture quickly and effortlessly.

  • Personal service

    Every customer our most valuable asset!

Our Products

Assembly Videos

Flat Pack Casket Assembly

View a short video to see just how quickly and easily our flat pack products can be put together.

Fitting The Handles

Some simple tips on attaching the casket's handle and decor set.

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Our Contacts:

Gillian: 0613446898

Address: Ollivanders Estate, B5 Mr 551 Rd, Shongweni 3606

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